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VSC Computer Account - Change in password length

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VSC Computer Account - Change in password length
by Donald Hew - Wednesday, 30 October 2013, 10:55 AM

From mid November 2013 Vermont SC will change its computer accounts password policy from a MINIMUM of 7 to 8 characters. This is in preparation for syncing Google Apps For Education accounts to our own computer accounts so that your password will be the same.

Current Staff and Year 7-11 students will need to change their password by the end of October 2013 if their password is not at least 8 characters long.
If you are using a VSC desktop/netbook/notebook computer, then you can use the "Change Password" utility on the desktop, otherwise you can change your password via a browser by:
step 2: click on the Options button in the top right hand corner
step 3: Select Change Your Password..., type your current password then the new password twice then Click on the Save button
ALL passwords stored on all computing and mobile devices eg notebooks, tablets, phones will be affected from mid November 2013. See Mr Hew in Room C22 if there are any concerns.