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by Kerri Simpson - Monday, 23 October 2017, 5:38 PM


Year 12 and Senior Students
Please Remember

Back up and save all your work and reports onto two separate drives.  

Do not use your school email when registering with VTAC 


 Use a desktop computer to delete your sent and deleted email folders regularly.

Important Upcoming Dates 

2017 Term Dates

Term 4: Monday 09 October to Friday 22 December

Learning to drive ?? 

Check out the resources on the VSC website   The page has been created by Aussie - and VSC Library and contains free practice tests, Vic Driver's manual and FAQ section.  These resources are available for free. 


Dont forget to check out our ebook and audio book collection for some great reading. Just log in with your school username and password  ​  Or perhaps you would prefer to peruse "The Age" Newspaper online, you can access it for free from the link in VEWs or The Library Moodle page.